Short Web Promo for Traffic Light Neue Concept

Role Animation & 3D Graphics
Team Sergey Koznov, Mykola Syzenko
Company Traffic Lights Co.

Traffic Light New idea and concept. New design helps you decide how much to wait. Energy efficient traffic light. This traffic light only for pedestrians. Saves electricity by refusing from the counter and it's bigger and seeable from a distance.

Half traffic light always illuminated, for required seconds. Energy efficient traffic light. We help make world better and cleaner place to live. Made with ❤ in Ukraine. Modelling, Texturing and Lighting by: Mykola Syzenko

Short Concept and 3D Project for Traffic Light Project

Hope you enjoy this project with sound design as well

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“Short Promo for Traffic Light Project. Hope u love this Concept!”

Sergey Koznov, Motion🤘Sign Co.